• Klimaneutral
  • Industriereiniger
    Industrial cleaners
    tailored to your needs
  • Industrie- und Kühlschmierstoffe
    Next generation industrial
    and cooling lubricants
  • Gießereitechnik
    Solutions for cost optimization
    in the field of die casting
  • ISO

Special chemicals and lubricants for die casting and metalworking

More than ever, the industry demands individually tailored solutions that contribute to optimized workflows, value retention and thus higher productivity. PETROGUSS has met these challenges with a high-quality product range and can offer decisive solutions for a wide variety of areas.

PETROGUSS employs highly motivated and experienced employees with many years of practical experience. Our specialists from the fields of R&D, technology and sales will be happy to help your company. Do not hesitate any longer, get to know our wide range of products and our approach.

PETROGUSS offers solutions for optimum productivity, cost optimisation and environmental friendliness

for foundry technology, metalworking, industrial lubricants or industrial cleaners

Return on Investment, die casting
Return on Investment

PETROGUSS is looking for solutions that can also help the customer in the long term.

Industriereiniger, Grauguss, Alumiuniumguss, Gusstechnik
Detailed analysis on site

PETROGUSS is ready to make visions of the customer come true

Environmental friendliness

The products and processes manufactured by PETROGUSS are particularly environmentally friendly

Gusstechnik, innovativ, Druckguss
Increasing productivity

Our solutions and special processes often open up new dimensions

Gießerei Servicepartner, Druckguss
Full Service

PETROGUSS is a worldwide service partner who is available for you 24/7.

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