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Industrial cleaner

After more than a decade of experience, Petroguss manufactures a manageable product range of component cleaners called Petroclean PG... for the industry. The main focus is on developing cleaners that can be easily integrated into the machining process chain. Petroclean products are suitable for both intermediate and final cleaning. During the development of our cleaners, great importance was attached to the fact that they cover a wide range of industrial applications; thus only one product can be used for cleaning tasks in both mechanical production and hardening.

Development was carried out according to the state of the art; special attention was paid to environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.

The products are characterised by an excellent washing effect, good temporary corrosion protection and very good biostability. The latter is necessary for use in the temperature range of 20-45°C.

Our neutral cleaners Petroclean PG-N... are salt-free and suitable for cleaning metallic materials made of aluminium, non-ferrous metal, steel and cast iron alloys. The products can also be used in spray applications for normal and high pressure as well as for immersion cleaning with and without ultrasound. The Petroclean cleaners are low-foaming. Foaming is prevented even when large quantities of water-miscible cooling lubricant are added. In addition, they are characterized by a strong demulsifying effect, so that the cooling lubricant can easily be separated by oil skimming.


  • Petroclean PG-N9: Empfohlene Einsatztemperatur 20-45°C.
  • Petroclean PG-N9H: Empfohlene Einsatztemperatur 45-70°C.
  • Petroclean PG-MFK: Empfohlene Einsatztemperatur 20-75°C, besonders guter Korrosionsschutz. Badpflege über Mikrofiltration möglich.

  • Da die genannten Produkte auf dem gewaschenen Bauteil keine störenden Rückstände hinterlassen, werden sie auch in der Härterei vor dem Gasnitrieren, Nitrocarbonieren etc. eingesetzt.
    Zur Einsparung von Energiekosten für die Beheizung der Reinigungsbäder empfehlen wir das Produkt Petroclean PG-N9 besonders, das selbst bei Hochdruckanwendung im VE-Wasser ab 20°C schaumfrei arbeitet.
    Bei Verwendung unserer Reiniger im Niedertemperaturbereich sollte auch der Folgeprozess bzgl. Trockenheit der gewaschenen Bauteile betrachtet werden.

Alkalische Reiniger

Petroclean PG-A 12 kommt dann zum Einsatz, wenn Pigmentschutz, Langzeit-Korrosionsschutz, Fett und Isolierpaste von der Bauteiloberfläche zu entfernen ist. Wir empfehlen den Einsatz in einer zwei oder mehr Becken-Anlage um die auf dem Bauteil verbleibenden Salzrückstande des Reinigers mit z. B. einem Neutralreiniger abzuspülen.
Desweiteren wird unser Reinigerprogramm durch einen sauren Reiniger - Petroclean PG-C zur Auflösung von Kalkrückständen in Waschanlagen - , einem Systemreinger - PG-System 1 zur kompletten Anlagenreinigung - ergänzt.


Der Fussboden-Reiniger Petroclean PG-Floor für die Werkhallen rundet unser Produktprogramm ab.


Petroclean PG-N9: Recommended operating temperature 20-45°C.
Petroclean PG-N9H: Recommended operating temperature 45-70°C.
Petroclean PG-MFK: Recommended operating temperature 20-75°C, particularly good corrosion protection. Bath care via microfiltration possible.

Since the products mentioned do not leave any disturbing residues on the washed component, they are also used in the hardening shop before gas nitriding, nitrocarbonating, etc.

To save energy costs for heating the cleaning baths, we particularly recommend the product Petroclean PG-N9, which works foam-free even at high pressure in deionised water at 20°C and above.

When using our cleaners in the low temperature range, the subsequent process should also be considered with regard to the dryness of the washed components.


Petroclean PG-A 12 is used when pigment protection, long-term corrosion protection, grease and insulating paste must be removed from the component surface. We recommend the use in a two or more tank system to rinse off the salt residues of the cleaner remaining on the component with e.g. a neutral cleaner.

Furthermore, our range of cleaners is supplemented by an acid cleaner - Petroclean PG-C for dissolving limescale residues in washing systems - , a system cleaner - PG-System 1 for complete system cleaning.

The floor cleaner Petroclean PG-Floor for the production halls completes our product range.

If there is no suitable cleaner for you, give us a call. We develop it for you.
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